The Aluminum Honeycomb Panel is composed of multiple layers of materials. The upper and lower layers are high-purity aluminum alloy plates, and the middle is a non-toxic low-density polyethylene (PE) core board. A protective film is pasted on the front side. For outdoor, the front of the aluminum-plastic panel is coated with fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) coating, and for the indoor, the front can be coated with non-fluorocarbon resin.
1. Exterior wall and curtain wall panels of the building.
2. Modification and renovation of old building exterior walls.
3. Balcony, equipment unit, indoor compartment.
4. Panel, identification plate, display stand.
5, interior wall decorative panels, ceilings, advertising signs.
6. Industrial materials, bodywork of cold-proof vehicles.
7. Air conditioner, TV and other household appliances.
Super peeling
A new process is adopted for the aluminum-plastic composite board, which improves the peeling strength, the most important technical index of the aluminum-plastic composite board, to improve the flatness and weatherability of the aluminum-plastic composite board.
Easy processing
The aluminum-plastic board weighs only about 3.5-5.5 kilograms per square meter, so it can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake and is easy to transport. Its superior workability requires only simple woodworking tools to complete cutting, cutting, and planing. Various shapes such as sides, bends into arcs, and right angles can cooperate with the designer to make various changes. The installation is simple and fast, and the construction cost is reduced.
Excellent fire performance
In the middle of the aluminum-plastic board is a core material of flame retardant PE plastic, and on both sides are extremely difficult to burn aluminum layers. Therefore, it is a safe fireproof material and meets the fire resistance needs of building regulations.
Impact resistance
Strong impact resistance, high toughness, bending does not damage the topcoat, strong impact resistance, in areas with large wind and sand will not cause damage due to wind and sand.