Is your New Year’s Resolution to spruce up the look of your home? Beginning the new year with a new look for your home is a great idea but before you give up on your fine resolution and procrastinate it for another couple of months or a year, let us help you with some innovative home redecorating ideas that will push you towards the right direction.

Try these quick tips for redecorating your home in a new way and give your home a new look easily on this New Year:

  • Accessorising: Just like few accessories can do wonders to a plain and dull outfit, similarly, a few new accessories like a quirky side table, decorative vases, quirky lamps, wall hangings and funky rugs and cushions can glam-up any home with a little spending.

·         Free-up space: A clamped up space can make a house smaller than it usually is. The best way to redecorate a home is by removing all the unnecessary stuff that’s eating up space in your rooms. De-cluttering your home will not only increase a room for breathing but will also give a new look to your home without spending any buck.

·         Switching Bedrooms: Probably the oldest trick and one of the most cost-effective tricks in the home décor book is to switch bedrooms for a noticeable change.During the transition, you can also experiment with positioning your bedroom furniture and adding interesting wallpapers to your new hub.

·         Rearranging furniture: Nothing spices up the look of a home better than rearranging and repositioning furniture in a room. You can either change the position of the furniture in each room of your home or interchange one room’s furniture with another for a new look.

Bonus Tip: While at it, get your old furniture polished or put on new covers on them for a newer look

·         Picture frames: A good picture can feel any heart with happy and intimate memories instantly; frame up those happy memories in chic photo frames and display them strategically on the walls of your house for a modern and elegant feel. If you already have picture frames on your walls then try and change the old frames with new ones in contrasting colours and give a makeover to your walls can also frame pressed flowers in glass frames or frame up your kid’s creative drawings and hang them in cute picture frames.

·         Recycling bottles: Recycling is a cool and cost-effective way of beautifying old and useful stuff. There are a lot of old glass bottles and mason jars laying around in every home, use them to add a cool vibe to your home. Turn the glass bottles and jars into flower vases or simply use it to hold pretty fairy lights and seashells and redecorate your home the right way.

  • Incorporating plants and flowers: We all are familiar with the power of flowers to bring beautiful energy to any area; add cute pots of decorative plants, succulents or flowers at various tables and shelves of your home and redecorate your home in the greenest way possible. You can also online flower delivery in India with artistic vases and place them in your dining area and bedroom for introducing a new touch to your home. Choose pots and vases in interesting shapes and sizes and place creatively for a better chance of decorating your home.You can also send flowers to Bangalore to your loved on this new year.
  • New lights: Introducing new light sources can do wonders to the look of your home without putting in a lot of effort. Replace your plain and boring lights with lights in chic and modern designs with more brightness for an instant upgrade in your existing décor. Experiment with the shape, size and details of the lights to add more personality to your room décor. Be sure to pick LED lights for a better and cost-effective year.

Everybody loves to come back to a well-groomed home after a long day of hard work, use these redecorating ideas to groom your home on this New Year and make your experience of coming home worthwhile. Let us know which idea did you like the most and if you have any other idea redecorating ideas don’t hesitate to them with us.