Curtains form an important part of our life. Curtains provide privacy, warmth and even protection from the harsh sunlight. While the curtain fabric is of different materials, cleaning them regularly is of utmost importance to avoid any health problems related to the dirt and dust. Read on to find out how you can easily clean away your curtains, regardless of the fabric, colour and type!

Steam Cleaning Curtains

Steam cleaning is an excellent way to clean out the living room curtains that are sometimes difficult to take off the rails. This is also a relatively quick way if you have heavy fabric for your lined curtains effectively making the drying time faster as compared to a washing machine or hand wash. This particular method can also be used quite frequently if you own a good quality steam cleaner.

Clean Curtains in the Washing Machine

Lightweight material used in ready-made curtains can be cleaned up in the washing machine after taking down from the rail. However, special attention needs to be kept in mind if you are washing curtains with materials that can shrink in hot waters. Always check the material and make sure to wash the white curtains, grey curtains or light coloured curtains separately to avoid any colour transfer.

Hand Wash Curtains

This is by far the most tedious step than using a steam cleaner or a cleaning it up in the washing machine. Hand wash should only be done for materials that are delicate like silky drapes, or bedroom curtains which can be 100% cotton. The cold water wash avoids shrinkage, and in case the colour does tend to bleed off, you will always know. Avoid hand wash for extremely heavy fabric as it is difficult to remove the water and increase the drying time.

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