A good night’s sleep is a luxury in a modern day. Stressful daily routines, lack of ‘me’ time, and numerous social pressures have a significant impact on our ability to rest. Consequently, staring aimlessly into darkness and unable to relax a tired mind is the reality for more and more of us.

Insomnia doesn’t discriminate, but those of us who are most likely to suffer from sleep disorders usually dwell in big cities. We therefore undertook some research using search data to reveal the UK’s most sleepiest cities revealing top searches for terms such as ‘can’t sleep’, ‘help to sleep’ and ‘beat insomnia’ across the nation.

Two interesting facts were revealed. Firstly, we found out which UK’s cities have the greater population of people with sleep problems, and secondly, that London surprisingly wasn’t number one. The infographic below illustrates our findings.

This list of the top 15 cities is detailed below, ranging from the most sleep-deprived, to the least:

1. Cambridge

2. Brighton

3. Manchester

4. Newcastle

6. Cardiff

6. Leicester

7. Belfast

8. Bristol

9. Liverpool

10. Edinburgh

11. Glasgow

12. London

13. Sheffield

14. Birmingham

15. Leeds

So what are the solutions I hear you say? Well, aside from the various medical and alternative therapies available for insomnia, there is a simple and effective solution/starting point. Improve the mood of your bedroom by eliminating light pollution from your windows and opting for blackout lining for your curtains/blinds. Blackout lining is a thick fabric usually made from cotton, polyester or a mixture of these fibres, and is a popular choice for window dressings in the bedroom. Not only does it stop light entering your room from the street, but reduces the noise too. These characteristics help create a relaxed space, and hopefully, give you the best chance of getting a good night’s rest. Please see our made to measure curtain range, which gives you a choice of lining options including Blackout.

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