Connect Brother Printer to Wifi

Brother Printers Company has come a long way since its beginnings in 1908, from selling products such as sewing machines to diversifying as its most prominent trademark in the field of printers. Its headquarters is located in Nihon but for its various multi-functional products it has diversified around the world. With the launch of revolutionary printers, the following simple guidelines allow you to How to connect brother printer to wifi without a hitch.

Below is information to allow your Brother printer to access Wi-Fi service with ease.

  1. Default Wifi Setup Mode

During installation, be aware of your Wifi settings, namely the name of the access point and password Connect your printer to your device via the USB cable Press and hold the wifi button for some time to power up the wifi feature A blue flash on the wifi symbol every 3 seconds shows its connecting status Configure it according to your OS.        

For Windows

On your screen, start the Printer Setting Device, and press the Communication Settings button. Use Wireless LAN for Preferred Adapter in the General tab, and select Communication Mode Network in Wireless Settings in the Wireless LAN tab to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi.

For Mac

The downloaded Printer Driver Package contains Wireless Device Setup Wizard. Then follow the on-screen pop-up instructions to start setup.

  • Select your SSID name and enter the Press "Apply" password if the connection is successfully established between the printer and your Wi-Fi access point/router, the Wi-Fi indicator will light up in blue.
  • Therefore devices connected to the network obtained will start printing.

Accordingly, it's usually advised to use the printer as close to the Wi-Fi access point/router to connect brother printer to wifi with the least burdens.

  1. Wireless Direct
  • This process of action allows you to connect the device directly without a router, using the printer as the access point.
  • Confirm the printer's wireless direct settings, to follow the instructions below Connect the printer and computer with a USB cable.
  • Follow up by pressing the Communication Settings button, once the Printer Setting Tool is opened.
  • Get clarification in the General tab that Wireless Direct is chosen for Chosen Application. –Connect duo to wire cord for WINDOWS devices. Start the Printer Setting Tool, select the Wireless LAN tab, confirm the setting of Wireless Direct. –For devices made with MAC
  1. WPS Setup

Only those routers that support this function can easily customize the settings and connections so that you can Brother printer not connecting to wifi Position your printer in the range of your router and press the WPS symbol on the router Keep the wifi button on the printer and press the WPS button for a few seconds.

  1. Ad-hoc Mode

This mode allows you to connect the printer for a few seconds without a Wi-Fi access point/router 

  • Press to turn on the wifi connection

For Windows

  • Link the printer and your device via the USB cable.
  • Begin by selecting the Printer Setting Tool and then press the Settings Communication button.
  • Choose the Wireless LAN via the Selected Adapter option on the General tab, scroll to choose Ad-hoc procedure

For Mac

Install the Wireless Device Setup Wizard program, and follow the on-screen instructions accordingly.

  1. Reset Wi-Fi

In the same way, if you have previously configured or attempted to configure the wireless connection, you need to reset the connection.

  • To start, press the menu option Now click the "Network option" button to enter the "Network option" and press OK Scroll down to pick "Network reset" and press OK.

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