But despite being equipped with top-notch hardware, sometimes the Canon printer runs into a mechanical breakdown and technical failure. Below we have mentioned some quick troubleshooting steps that will assist you in fixing canon printer not working problem. Also, this blog will let you identify the root cause of this problem.

Step 1

Verify the cable connection that used to set up the connectivity between the Canon printer and your computer. If the USB data cable isn’t connected to the printer or PC legitimately, then you are going to encounter print issues.

Step 2

After ensuring the proper connection of the printer, load some standard paper in the paper tray.

Make sure to tap the bundle of sheets on the hard surface to ensure the proper alignment before loading them in the tray.

Step 3

Once you load the paper correctly, take some test print to see whether the issue persists or not. To do so, you need to choose a document on your PC and then tap on the Print option. Furthermore, you have to opt for the print selection to select your printer.

Step 4

If your printer failed to render any print, get the official website with an aim to install the recent version of the firmware. You can also complete the installation process through CD as well. But for the sake of convenience, we recommend you to go for the first option.

Call Canon live chat for the prompt resolution of the printer issue


If these steps failed to serve your purpose, then reinstall the cartridges on your printer. You can also connect with our experts if you aren’t comfortable in executing this solution. Of course, this solution demands a manual intervention, and we never recommend you use it unless you are an expert. Our well-trained workforce resolves anything related to canon printer, including paper jams, Canon Printer Error B200, and print quality issues.