Shipping container structures come with a range of advantages.

Some of the most compelling benefits associated with container schools include:

Flexibility - One of the greatest perks of building a shipping container school is that the containers themselves can be customized ahead of time in a warehouse or indoor facility. This is especially convenient for engineers and construction workers, as it eliminates the need to set up electrical power at the build site itself, and allows them to cut back on the cost of shipping resources and other equipment.

Affordability - This is undeniably one of the most influential reasons why educational institutions opt for storage container construction.

Typically, shipping container builds will cost approximately half of what traditional construction would cost per square foot.


If a 2,000 sq ft traditional classroom would cost $300,000.00 to build, it would cost approximately $150,000.00 to build a shipping container classroom of the same size.

But remember— the final price tag will depend on the number of modifications required, the type of containers purchased, and whether or not any hiccups arise during the construction process.

Build Speed - When compared to other forms of construction, shipping container builds are extremely time efficient. Since many shipping container units are pre-fabricated, they can be delivered quickly (given that no modifications are required).

Need a custom shipping container? Don’t worry. Even a fully customized unit takes as little as 4-10 weeks to finalize.

When compared to traditional construction timelines, which average out at around 4-6 months for a 2,000 square foot space, custom shipping containers are still the superior time-saving option.

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