Become a certified freelancer

Complete an online application to join the exclusive PeoplePerHour freelancer community. Every application is reviewed and approved by our moderation team, ensuring only the best freelancers are matched to client projects.

Once approved, you’ll gain access to a stream of projects from our international client community. Now you’re ready to provide your services to thousands of business — go get ‘em!

Build a great profile

Your profile is your most valuable resource. Clients browse your profile when deciding who to work with on a project, so it’s essential that you present yourself in the best way possible. Personalise your profile by sharing your career experience, define your skills and tell your own story. Show examples of your work in your portfolio, be descriptive and keep your profile up-to-date.

Find the perfect projects for you

As a freelancer on PeoplePerHour, our artificial intelligence system matches you to the most suitable projects based on your profile and abilities. You can search for projects manually or save automatic searches to notify you of new projects. Find projects that match your skill and ability then submit a compelling proposal to win the project. Send 15 proposals per month for free, if you want to quote on more projects you can buy additional credit.

Offer your best skills at your best price

We know that every freelancer on PeoplePerHour is different, so we created offers. Don’t be defined by a skill or category — express your own skills with self-tailored offers. Sell your custom services in bitesize offers and start building lasting relationships with clients.

Meet project stream

A good freelancer knows that managing a project takes a lot more than just delivering the goods at the end of a project. Freelancers need to collaborate, re-think and respond. That’s why we built project streams — our secret weapon to keep collaboration during projects organised. Easily communicate with your clients, share assets and gather feedback, all in one place.

Your proposal, your way

When a project takes your eye, complete a proposal and respond to the client. If you have questions – ask them, if you have suggestions – make them. Set realistic budgets and achievable milestones. It’s that easy! You’re protected from the moment your proposal is selected as clients pay a deposit into an escrow account, which is held safe until you complete the project and raise an invoice.


You can watch this video for detail clarification.



Easy invoicing

Once you’ve completed a project, effortlessly raise an invoice directly from your project stream. Everything is prepared for you — all invoice data is automatically populated based on your project. You decide if you’re ready to invoice the full amount or enter your own values. Your client is notified instantly and once they authorise payment funds are moved from the project’s protected escrow account into your PeoplePerHour account.

Build lasting relationships with clients

Clients love completing projects through PeoplePerHour because they are engaged in the new skills and abilities you provide. During a project, you’ll uncover many insights to your client’s business and these are a great opportunity to develop lasting working relationships. The project stream is designed for you to manage ongoing and recurring work including auto-invoicing on set dates.

Provide quality experiences

PeoplePerHour is a professional platform and clients expect professional experiences. Your client reviews you at the end of every project on the quality of their experience. Freelancers who are consistently rated highly benefit from higher rankings, increased visibility and greater success on the platform.

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