The push fit fitting is much easier to use compared to compression fittings.  And they are more practical than permanent solvent-gluing CPVC and PVC pipes or sweat-soldering brass pipes with a torch in general plumbing applications.  These fittings have proven to provide highly reliable connections even when they are hidden behind panels or other enclosed areas.  When making joints for new installation or repair using brass tube, PEX or CPVC, push fit fittings are the easiest and fastest method to provide an air or fluid tight seal when the tube or pipe is inserted.

The ability to make a fast and reliable connection is the most significant benefit of push fit fittings. Whether a new installation or an emergency repair, saving time is saving money.
Unlike gluing or soldering, the tubing does not need not be completely dry.
Push to Connect fittings are available in various materials for different applications to match the corresponding tube or pipe as stated above.
They are easily detached for inserting new tubing or performing other maintenance.
Push to Connect product lines cover many different styles in a variety of sizes for multiple applications.
push fit fittings allow for easy connections without having to glue, solder, use clamps or compression style unions.
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