Plastic Injection Parts are processed as a processing technique, and after they are manufactured or completed, there may be some bad conditions. How to solve this situation? What are the problems encountered?


 One: dent. The reasons for the dents are:


  1. The mold cooling is insufficient, and the cooling time is insufficient, which may cause serious deformation.


  1. This situation can also occur due to insufficient internal pressure of the mold.


  1. The thickness of each part of the product is different. In this case, the overall treatment method: reduce the barrel temperature and mold temperature, forced cooling in the place where the dent is generated, fill the flow edge in the place of the dent, and control the difference in the thickness of the designed product.


  Two: whitening of products. The reasons for the whitening of the product are as follows.


  1, too large to meet the pressure.


  2, poor demoulding. In this case, the overall treatment method: When designing the Optical Cable Connector Box, pay attention to the slope of the demoulding is sufficient. When making the mold, it is necessary to ensure that the cavity of the mold remains smooth, and the real-time treatment should immediately lower the injection pressure.


  There are still many situations in the process of processing plastic injection parts. I hope that everyone will be cautious in the process of operation and strive to make the most perfect works.