Pieces of CHINA GREEN TEA are moistened by spring rain. Green tea trees are gradually flourishing. Spring breeze surrounds the tea trees and blows around us. We can feel the wind mixed with rain and the fragrance of tea.  At this time, the tea farmers will be busy preparing, because the new tea will be on the market.  In the tea house, the tea farmers, facing the sunshine, drove away the tiredness with their songs. They patiently, carefully and tirelessly treated the fresh tea leaves that had just been picked. After the treatment, fresh tea leaves were opened in clear water.

Tasting a good cup of tea is a pleasure in the world. When one cup of green tea is drunk, one feels that the tea fragrance overflows in one's mouth, surrounds one's lips and leaves fragrance on the corners of one's mouth. One can feel fresh at a time, renew another cup, and repeatedly feel this incomparable feeling. Especially after rain, one can taste a good cup of tea, which is very fresh and transparent.