What are the benefits of using the Ro System Component(KOKOELECTRIC)? Knowing that your water source does not fluctuate and that there are always no contaminants is essential to becoming consistent. Starting with pure water, you can customize specific plant characteristics and bioavailability per ppm (parts per million) in your nutritional formula to increase plant growth, deliver higher quality end products and greater harvest. It is also possible to minimize pH fluctuations by stabilizing the base water and adjusting the ratio of carbonate to bicarbonate.

Is there any other benefit to using Ro system component in planting operations?

Many greenhouse facilities use evaporative cooling mat walls. By running the Ro system component on these waters, you will greatly extend their life by avoiding scaling associated with untreated water. If the gasket is constantly replaced due to fouling, the ROI of the reverse osmosis system may be less than one year. In addition, the Ro system component is ideal for avoiding mineral fouling of materials such as humidifiers, cooling towers and even greenhouse roofs.

The RO membrane acts as a barrier to all dissolved solids. Pure H2O molecules pass freely through the membrane, producing pure product water. The discharged contaminants are concentrated in a wastewater stream (also known as RO concentrate). While all reverse osmosis systems do have a certain amount of wastewater, the industrial series of reverse osmosis systems can produce up to four parts of a single component wastewater ratio, making it the most efficient system planet.

Why is pure water important?

Too much hardness in untreated water sources, iron, manganese, lead, copper or boron can cause locking and defect problems. Chlorine and chloramine are always present in municipal water sources and effectively kill any beneficial biological microbiology. Unfortunately, fecal coliforms, herbicides, bacteria, pesticides, phosphates and nitrates are common in more and more water sources. Conducting water tests to determine the levels of these contaminants and installing quality water treatment systems is a professional standard for competitive successful cannabis planting operations.

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