The decoration of the home is divided into hard and soft. Everyone tends to put more energy on the hard. In fact, the soft is also very important. For example, curtains are soft. The installation of curtains is becoming more and more sophisticated now. It is not just about hanging a curtain. It also puts forward certain requirements for technology, so first of all, what is the curtain rod?

One: bright pole and dark pole curtains

Curtains need rails when they are installed, especially those curtains with large windows that almost occupy the entire wall, so curtain rods are indispensable. The curtain rod is also divided into a bright rod and a dark rod. What can be seen outside belongs to a bright rod curtain, and what is not visible inside is a dark rod curtain. The decoration effect brought by these two is also different. So be sure to figure this out when buying curtains to prevent the wrong purchase from affecting the decoration effect, which is not in line with the decoration style.

In fact, curtains with dark poles are more difficult to operate. There are two types of curtains with dark poles. One is to see if there is a ceiling at home. If there is, you need to fuse with the dark pole when making a ceiling. The curtain box is hidden inside the ceiling, so it will be more hidden. If the ceiling is not made, the curtain box is fixed on the wall separately and then fused with the window frame cover, which can also have a hidden effect.

2: monorail curtains and double rail curtains

Now the structure of curtains is more complicated. Unlike before, curtains may be just one layer of cloth. Now curtains can be made into several layers, so there are requirements for rails. There are now single-layer rails and double-layers on the market. Orbits, and even multiple layers. However, a single-layer track can only hang a layer of curtains, and a multi-layer track can hang several layers of curtains. Some curtains have a special layer on the outside. Generally, the outer layer is thick curtains and the inner layer is sandy The function of curtains is different.

3: The choice of curtain rod material is different

There are also several materials for curtain rods. The common materials are aluminum, iron and wood. Different materials bring different prices. Some curtain rods may only cost a few dollars. Some Curtain rods may cost hundreds of dollars, but it is better to choose a better quality curtain rod. Poor quality curtain rods will affect the use effect.


Tips: Do not pull or pull hard when using curtains, because this will easily hurt the curtain rods, and even pull the curtain rods down. There is also the cleaning of curtains, which requires the hanging buckles on the track Disassemble so that the curtains can be taken down for cleaning.

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