Quick couplings make water treatment faster and more efficient than ever. However, if they are not installed properly, they can cause problems with the water filtration system. That's why it's so important to understand how the quick connector works.


What is a quick connector?

The term "quick connection" simply refers to the ability to connect a pipe to a fitting very quickly. Quick couplings are the fastest way to provide watertight connections between pipes and water treatment applications.


How does the quick connector work?

The advantage of the quick connectfittingory is its simple design. It consists of three parts: chuck, O-ring and valve body. The body of thefittingory hides the O-ring and collets at both ends. Your tube should be inserted through the collet, O-ring and into the body of the joint. These three components can form a watertight seal.


As the pressure inside the pipe increases, water or air will force the collet into a groove inside the fitting. The groove compresses the collet, allowing the small teeth inside the collet to drill into the pipe, which actually makes the pipe unbreakable. Therefore, the stronger you pull the tube, the tighter the grip will hold it. As the collet continues to hold the pipe in place, the O-ring seals the space between the pipe and the fittings connected to it, making it waterproof. The most common cause of leaks using quick connect fittings is that the pipe is not fully inserted into the fitting.


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