First of all, the labeling equipment will open the sealed cylindrical sleeve label, sometimes it may need to punch holes; Next, cut the sleeve label into appropriate sizes and sleeve it on the container. Then heat treatment is carried out by using steam, infrared rays or hot air channels, so that the casing label is tightly attached to the surface of the container. Due to the high transparency of the film itself, the label has bright color and luster. However, due to shrinkage during use, there is a defect of pattern deformation, especially for products printed with bar code marks. Must go through strict design and printing quality control, otherwise the distortion of the pattern will cause unqualified bar code quality.

shrink sleeve labels(PRINT-LABELS) can be labeled with traditional labeling equipment, and adhesives and higher temperatures are required in the labeling process. In the shrinkage process, hot melt adhesive is preferred because the adhesive at the overlapping part of the film will produce stress effect.

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