Rocket League is a great game, the sort of game you can play in absolutely any mood. Angry? Throw on Rocket League and find your happy place. Happy? Enjoy a fun game! Tired? Miss the ball eight thousand times and enjoy yourself anyway! But we all know that the game is more fun when you’re playing well and winning, but it can be hard to figure out what to focus on first. Especially if you’re a newer player, there’s so much that is stressed: you gotta learn aerials! You need to learn trick shots! Make your car look sick! Play with this car or that one! Don’t worry. With these Rocket League Tips, I’ll take you through some of the most influential tips for beginners and pros alike to improve your game and make the game more fun!

Who does this apply to?

You, hopefully. Of course, I don’t know you, mysterious reader, but theoretically, this list should include a little something for everyone, whether you’re just firing up the game for the first time or you’ve been playing since Day 1. Some of these things you might know, and that’s fine. Some you may not, and that’s great! These are just a few things that I’ve personally picked up and learned during my own time playing, and I want to toss them your way in case it’ll help you out. Good? Good! Onwards!

What’s the biggest external thing that I can do?

Ever played a game and you’re just teleporting wildly around? You’re lagging like crazy. You think you hit the ball, but then your view changes and you’re suddenly on the entire other side of the map with no idea what happened. I know those feels. I used to have ping upwards of 400 every game. Once, I even briefly teleported outside the map like that one dude who made the video of it. Here’s the thing: get good internet. Pro tip! Use an ethernet cord. It’ll provide a faster and more stable connection even if it isn’t technically as fast. If you can’t hook up wire, wireless can work well, but if you’re in a concrete house, a house with very thick walls, or you’re not near your router, you might be prone to random connection losses, which sucks for casual play and is the absolute worst for Comp.

What’s the first to do in the game?

I considered if this was something to realistically add, but after I found out that my friend didn’t do this after playing about a hundred hours of Rocket League, I think it’s something that I need to mention in case one of you might be doing the same thing. Use the camera to focus on the ball. For the love of everything sacred, I’ve seen some players that butcher the game and sabotage themselves because they literally never turn on ball cam. Please don’t do this. Ball cam exists to help you. Sure, you can switch it off if you want while looking for a boost, but it’s a startlingly common problem that is so easily remedied. If you don’t use it, your experience will probably be confusing, disorienting, and probably will give you a headache from all the quick motions of trying to look and drive at the same time.

How can I avoid getting scammed?

Ah, trading. One of the best parts about Rocket League and one of the fastest ways to get ripped off. Sure, it’s just game stuff, but seeing as there’s a market for buying and selling in-game things through aftermarket sites, there are actually people who make a considerable amount of money scamming people out of their items. I could write a thousand ways that people do it, but here’s a few big things to watch out for:

Prices. People sometimes don’t know the worth of their items. Use the most updated version of the trading forums to stay up to date so you don’t get taken by surprise and get scammed by a smooth talker. This is very common.

Fake Middlemen. These forums have people dedicated to making sure that the trades are legit. These are highly trusted people who take the item from both people, verify that they exist, then give the respective items to the various parties. Problem is, people like to impersonate these people. If their exact name is not up there as a middleman, don’t trust them.

The Ole’ Switcheroo. People will replace items with other items and, although easily recognizable and preventable, it’s a problem because you have to pay attention.

Does my ride matter?

Yes. And No. Cosmetically, do whatever you feel, but physically, what you use can actually affect your performance. Obviously, your car frame will make you have a completely different hitbox, but other things, like types of boost, can distract and annoy. Please don’t be one of those people who use a really annoying engine sound, because everyone will hate you. I kid… mostly.

How should I communicate?

The quick chat is invaluable, but if you want to type out a unique message, feel free. Just remember—the chat can get you banned pretty easily if you break the rules. You must do something pretty bad to get in trouble, but you should really never try to be a trash talker. I know, it’s fun, but there’s an important difference between having some silly fun and being truly awful to your teammates and the enemy. Remember, most people are there to just enjoy themselves. Rocket League is best when it’s not toxic.

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