Vegetable Planter are one of the most popular agricultural machinery systems at present. Their appearance has brought many benefits to farmers. We use vegetable planters to solve a large number of labor problems. How to improve the working efficiency of vegetable planters is also one of the concerns of farmers. Let's talk about it.

When we use the vegetable growing machine, we must first understand the suitable tillage depth of the land.  Because the tillage depth is the main factor affecting the operation quality and efficiency of vegetable planters.  It is also necessary to reduce the resistance of cultivated land. The energy consumed in cultivated land is very large, so it is very important to reduce the resistance as much as possible.  Cultivated land at a time when soil humidity is appropriate;  We must always check and repair the cutting tools on the vegetable growing machine.  Proper installation and adjustment of cutting tools, when these measures are not in place, will not only reduce the efficiency and economy, but also make the depth and width of cultivated land uneven, and will not achieve good quality of cultivated land.

This is all to improve the working efficiency of the vegetable planter. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. hongxiangseeder's vegetable planter is reliable in quality, strong in technology and reasonable in price. If you know more about the vegetable planter, you can contact our customer service personnel. We will provide you with high-quality service and thank you for watching.