The wpc foam board printing is one of the most popular and versatile methods in today’s advertising sector. This material provides affordable and high-quality solutions for individuals and businesses in all industries. With a lifespan around two years, biodegradable properties, and highly competitive costs, this remains as an ideal material for conscious projects with tight budgets that don’t want to sacrifice quality in any way.

wpc foam board is a popular option for:

College and Graduate Projects
Informative Displays
Trade Show Advertising
Promotional Events
POP Signage
Display Systems
…and more
Foamboard printing
Foamboard printing

Because of the outstanding quality and versatility of this material, foam board can be used for high-quality photo printing in photography, and in the office for board meeting presentations. Another great example of this is indoor art projects, which demands high-fidelity images and an extraordinary finish. Individuals and companies choose foam board printing when they want to create affordable yet impressive pieces of art, mostly aimed to decorate interior spaces where they can be appreciated in detail.

Making a Serious Impact

Printing on foamboard allows small companies and schools to make a fantastic impact on viewers. Pop-up displays are an excellent example of this, often used by businesses in point-of-sale advertising to increase results and in school projects and exhibitions. Besides the high-quality images that can be printed on foam board, we must also consider its light weight, allowing easy manipulation and installation. For this same reason is why school exhibitions used it, letting kids move the material around while keeping them safe at all times. Also, its light weight allows foam board printing to be installed from ceilings by using strings, ropes or 3M tape. This is paramount for schools or small businesses with limited space.

Trade Shows Popularity

Large companies with more flexible budgets know that they need to produce massive amounts of efficient, good-looking advertising materials when it comes to trade fairs. Durability isn’t an issue being that they will only likely use the once or twice during a short period for their trade show displays. Foam board is and easy to use material that can be framed on easels, and also be hung with 3M double sided velcro tape.
It’s true that foam core board doesn’t last many years, but it’s affordability allows high-quality printing, and it’s lightweight enough to ease the transport and installation process. For obvious reasons, this makes Foam core board a cost efficient solution.

Printing Directly on Foamboard

Restaurants Simply Love It

One modern use of foamboard we haven’t mentioned yet is at restaurants. Besides point-of-sale advertising, which we previously addressed, restaurants use foam core printing for their menu boards and POP up displays. Poster board printing’s cost efficiency and versatile is the reason we see this rising trend. Here we’ll continue to promote and encourage foam board printing, always highlighting the many perks it provides. As a professional company, we also have 4x8 pvc foam board on sale. Welcome to your come and purchase!