We are one of the Curtain rod wholesale wholesaler, and we recommended these original rods to you.

Do not bet only on the curtains. The rods are also involved in the decor!

It is often difficult to find a rod that is a bit out of the ordinary ... That said, the most effective solutions are often the simplest and most accessible: moving towards reclaimed materials, find unusual shapes, styles or colors! Here are some tips that may well give you ideas ...

1. Honor to gold
What could be more elegant than inserting a few golden touches in its interior? Scattered sparingly, gold brightens and illuminates it brings a little luxury side that some love ... Choosing gold for the rod ensures an elegance, and give luster to the room with relative subtlety.

2. A Little Flat

Drapery rods tend to be cylindrical, their rings - which are aptly named - are also. But that doesn't prevents us from finding a flat bar to better blend with the wall and, as here, hang panels with strong clasps, equally flat? The total effect is assured.

The Upward Bound House by Melissa Capehart

3. Nature, love
If you love nature, do not hesitate to find you a nice branch, strong enough, to install it for your window. If you also have an eye for tasteful draping your fabric around the bark, your originality can only be welcomed ... Advantages: everything costs less and is more distinctive!

4. An Industrial Note
In the realm of recovery, rejoice lucky DIY enthusiasts. If a little industrial looks appeals to you for your home, pick up some pipes, back plates, one or two welds, and some screws later, your rod is ready ...

5. Right On Target
Here is a good decor idea - use an usual object in a new way ... The idea to add an arrowhead at the end of a thin rod is surprising in its simplicity and effectiveness: we no longer see an ordinary rod, but a real boom adding to the charm of the "explorer" room.

6. At the seaside
What could be better than a coiled rope finial to compliment thel boats pattern of the curtain? Perfect ! The rustic look is evoked with little touches and the identity of the place is subtley affirmed

7. Jewelry Tips
To use the rod as a decorative object, nothing is more simple to effect than to vary the finials. With this fine metal lace ball, the rod is appointed proudly! Whether you buy or make yourself, this kind of decoration is appealing ...

8. All About Flexibility
There is major interest or appeal to get rid the famous stiffness of the rod for the finesse of a flexible and inconspicuous steel wire: it provides movement and is ideal for supporting light curtains. The wire is malleable, and is a material that reacts to weight and will sport different curvatures depending on the location of the fabric.

9. Hello princess
To counter a bed rail and the perfect intimate effect brought by the curtains, there is nothing more magical than a crown of ivy (or other vegetation). It will increase the evocation of fairy tales and your sleep will be even more protected ...

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