If you have ever faced the situation where you have deleted an important email accidentally from your AOL mailbox, then you might know how challenging it is to restore it. If you don’t know how you can retrieve the deleted AOL email, then it can turn into the worst nightmare for you. However, the aol email customer support number team can help you in recovering the deleted AOL emails quickly. You can go through this blog to know the steps that you need to follow for restoring your accidentally or permanently deleted AOL emails.

How to restore deleted AOL Emails?

Before starting the restoring process, you must know that every deleted AOL email will go into the Trash folder. Since these deleted emails stay there for the next seven days, that means one can only restore these emails from the AOL email trash folder within these seven days only. The steps that you have to follow during recovery of deleted AOL Emails are:

  • Login to your AOL email by entering the correct credentials.
  • Go to the trash folder and open it by clicking on the Trash icon.
  • Here you can see all the deleted emails that you have deleted in these seven days or less.
  • Search the particular email that you wish to restore, and then click on the ‘Restore’ option.
  • The email that you have restored will automatically move into the inbox of your AOL email.
  • Now go to your inbox and search fo r the mail.

The steps that are mentioned above will work for you only in one condition when you are trying to restore the deleted AOL email within seven days. After this duration, the email will be automatically removed permanently from the Trash folder. If you want to reset any permanently deleted email, then you can take help from the experts via aol email customer service that stays accessible round the clock.



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