For many centuries, the general purpose of females has been procreation. A woman acted only as a homemaker; and a man took all kinds of contact with the outside world. This situation gave the male an opportunity to consider the female woman as an inferior person in status. Thus, men had an arrogant attitude towards females. Currently, in the time of technological progress, scientific discoveries, and social transformation, this situation has changed dramatically. The woman in today's society has a different status, vocation, values, and needs. The goal of this essay is to analyze the main features of the role of females in contemporary community.

Women’s Role in History

In fact, the human society would not be able to grow and move to a higher status if it discounted the role of women and violated the balance ratio between two complementary sides as males and females. The role of women detects the level of civilization of the particular social or religious community and reflects the tendency of the principles of humanity, equality and compassion. In pre-Islamic times, females were the property of men. Therefore, their position was slightly better than the fate of domestic animals. For example, widows were only a part of the heritage; and the heir decided whether to marry or just sell them. Bedouin Arabs considered the birth of girls as a misfortune and a sacrifice for their pagan gods. Otherwise, they could simply bury children alive in the sand. In those times, such brutal cruelty in relation to the female sex was observed almost everywhere in the world. However, today, people can differentiate many women that have high business and moral qualities. Meanwhile some modern men go down to the helpless and humiliating conditions. The position of women in society has changed over the centuries in an opposite direction. During the period of matriarchy, the value of females was dominant. Moreover, during the period of chivalry, a woman was an object of worship and played a vital role in the life of society. Gradually, men relegated them to the second place and limited their scope of interests and impacts to children raising and housekeeping. Within XX-XXI centuries, the woman began to play a more vibrant part in the political life of the world. It is a further evidence of their emancipation. However, European women have the legal right to dispose of their property in marriage only in the second half of the 19th century. Besides, Islam almost fifteen centuries ago declared the full financial autonomy of the female and gave women the inalienable authority to dispose of valuables, have a business, and sign the necessary financial documents. Despite this, people have realized that in some countries, women are still oppressed and humiliated. Nevertheless, this situation is not connected with wise stipulations of Islam. This process has started because of ignorance and neglect of religious beliefs and the fundamental principles of Islam by males. Fortunately, most females have proved that they are able to take on the challenges and difficulties of males. In fact, women have sought for many years for their social independence. Now, female doctors, politicians, and the military persons do not surprise everybody.

Today’s Woman and Family Creation

In fact, the role of women in today's society is not limited to performing household duties, caring for children, and the service for the legitimate spouse. Currently, people consider such position as outdated, and women that still choose it are considered as the supporters of conservative beliefs that willingly give themselves into male slavery. In fact, this approach is wrong in certain situations where females see their mission in preserving family values and do not seek to distinguish their achievements from the spouse success. Thus, not all women support the embodiment of personal ambitions, career development, and the status of independence. Many of them do not make these criteria as an aim and prefer to live for the good of their family. However, there is the other issue. The reason is that the position of females in modern society is considered as not only a homemaker, a faithful wife, and a good mother. Often the woman’s family and friends inspire her that a stable social status in life is more important than an early marriage and family. Therefore, a female must be a financially independent person before getting married. The arguments in this regard are a warning that if a husband suddenly leaves the family or something terrible happens in life, a woman will be ready for any situation. In fact, the position of females in modern society suggests such concerns. The reason is that people are not considering divorce as something reprehensible or catastrophic. Thus, the probability of a failure of the marriage bond is growing every year. People are becoming more categorical and often unwilling to tolerate even the slightest inconvenience in their marriage union. Therefore, there is another view that the aim of women in the modern world is to achieve success in work and get financial independence. In most cases, only after that period females could get the status of a wife and a mother. Therefore, these views notice the reassessment of values in today’s society. It leads to rethinking the value of family and marital relations in the female life.

Women’s Problems in Today’s Society

Without the high status of women, a state cannot become a civilized and rich formation. In fact, their position accumulates the features of the socio-political structure of the country, the level of economy, culture, management, and law. Besides, the status of women in society is very sensitive to underlying changes in all spheres of life of people, in the public consciousness, and values. It is difficult to adapt to market changes in the economy because females occupy a less competitive place in the labor market. Unfortunately, this situation is reflected in wage employment, business, professional and career growth. The combination of female public functions related to their professional activities and family are sometimes forcing them to give up the professional development. As a result, society could lose a perspective worker. The woman loses an opportunity to develop the spiritual and intellectual potential. In fact, some changes in the status and a role of females lead to a number of women's issues in their personal lives. Perhaps the most important of them are the changing part of men in the background of female transformation in the community. However, the majority of women do not realize the negative consequences when they are analyzing the gender equality. On the one hand, they want to have equal rights with the male population. On the other hand, they want to be only the fair sex in specific life issues. However, when people are talking about genuine equality females should be prepared for the fact that the man will not be a defense earner and responsible for everyone in the family. Thus, here is a problem of women in modern society. The man has become a weak sex against the background of the female development. In fact, the male ceases to be a support for females. His role could start to remind the function of a close friend. Besides, working women have to exist in rather harsh survival conditions in the working area. However, they choose this status themselves, so females resign to the fact that they compete with men on the equal footing. Here there is another problem of women in modern society. The reason is that they could loss one of such important qualities as femininity. Such situations could cause the problems in the private life and the psychological discomfort. The woman who does not have the true feminine qualities cannot become a full-fledged wife for her husband and a mother to unborn children.

Women Status in Today’s Society

In the recent decades, the female status has gone through radical changes in modern society. Under such circumstances, people have noticed the transformation in the general position of women in all spheres of life. Scientists have analyzed their status on several criteria. The first ones of these concerns are connected with the situation of females in the family and spiritual development. Primarily, it is a concept of a woman-mother. The reason is that the female in a physical layer must give birth to, feed, and protect her child. The social and psychological levels define the functions such as support, care, education, assistance, and transfer of experience. Thus, the woman is able to comfort, encourage, and inspire. Any female in the status of a wife also serves as an assistant and partner of a man. Today’s women should be faithful, support their husbands in their endeavors, and help to reveal their best abilities. The woman as a wife creates domestic hearth, gives comfort to the family, and keeps order and cleanliness in the house. Besides, a real female-wife improves a mutual understanding, creates a good atmosphere and the warmth of human relations. The next type of the female status is a woman-creator, who inspires and builds a creative atmosphere at home. For the creation of the happy family hearth, this female must combine all the essentials that will allow realizing a creative rise and success. Thus, she encourages her children and husband to new achievements and always offers original decisions for different circumstances. Therefore, scientists have identified the first area of the activity for female homemakers. The next categories are related to women that play an active participation in the economic processes and career growth. In fact, scientists have inclined to consider the few main kinds of the weak sex. Among them are leaders-careerists and the workers of regular and liberal professions. Female leaders resemble males in their character traits. Thus, they are motivated, confident in their abilities, and not dependent on someone’s help. Besides, self-actualization is a main goal of careerists who always put the work and achievement of success in their careers in the first place. Only after these results, they can afford to think about starting a family and planning children. The female regular worker is a person with a rich set of human qualities. Such woman has the flexibility in decision-making, resourcefulness, and careful attention to details. She also has some sense of responsibility, despite such negative emotions like excessive behavior. Such female achieves a significant success in any field, mastering the complicated science and making constructive suggestions for the development of companies in different fields. The woman of liberal professions has the peculiar inscrutability and social status. For example, an artist, journalist, musician, and poet are passionate about their work. In fact, such females are not seeking for their career growth. They just appreciate a possibility of doing things they love. For them, a family becomes the secondary priority after the creative process. Therefore, women have different categories in society. All of them show the diverse type of characters and convictions of modern females.

Consequently, the role of women in today’s society is an important issue that concerns the development and well-being of the whole country. In fact, their position in the modern world has gained rapid changes compared with the past centuries. The status of women in community shows the level of the economic growth in all countries. Besides, females achieve success in business, science, and politics on a high level. Everyday they prove that they have their specific social interests; and they are ready to work with a maximum passion and efficiency. However, there are different views on the role of women. Scientists provide several types of the female status in the contemporary society. Besides, women have faced a number of problems about their part today because it is hard to combine the professional employment and parenting. Therefore, their role is a multifaceted issue today that requires a clear approach from the society’s side.

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