Car accidents are extraordinary encounters. The accident itself is just the start of what can be an amazingly long procedure of documenting a protection guarantee, deciding deficiency, and above all, getting the conclusion one needs to proceed onward with their life. Taking on both the insurance agencies and the law to get what you deserve from your accident can be very scary. Try not to experience this by yourself.

At Rosenberg and Rodriguez, PLLC, we have been battling casualties of car accidents for a considerable length of time in Roosevelt. Insurance agencies will, in general, try to limit remuneration. What can appear as though a reasonable whole may neglect to take care of long haul medical costs, lost wages from missed work because of an accident, or deferred wounds or harms that weren't represented in the first settlement amount, we're specialists at exploring the frequently befuddling lawful and protection process. Rosenberg and Rodriguez, PLLC values being specialists at exploring the frequently befuddling legitimate and protection procedure to guarantee our customers get the cash they merit.


In a car accident, the accident is only the start of your obstacles. Exploring an insurance claim alone can be precarious, particularly if the deficiency of the accident is disputed. Likewise, insurance agencies may attempt to settle your case for short of what it is worth. Enlisting a lawyer after an accident places somebody in your corner who knows your state's laws and the stunts insurance agencies may attempt to play.

Our car accident lawyers will concentrate on your case by social event proof, counseling with specialists, and haggling with the insurance agency for your sake so you can concentrate on recovering your life on track. If it is fundamental, a lawyer may even take your case right to preliminary to get the compensation you deserve.