We understand the importance of displaying food and beverages in the best possible manner, and take this into account in all stages of product design.Made of aluminum and tempered glass you have a stylish case for your merchandise.Internal light of the upright showcase is inside the bevrage cooler cabinet.

  Great for showcasing valuable merchandise.Temperature control panel of the Upright Showcase can be on front cover, back or inside the upright display fridge cabinet.Lighting, space for branding, mirrored doors for product depth and maximum bottle loadings are just some of the features that promote the aesthetics of your products.

  We specialize in China refrigerator, vertical showcase, chest freezer and other new developed cooling products.We are your business partner that you can rely on. In a very short span of time, we have been able to carve a niche of excellence in the market place for ourselves.We are China refrigerator manufacturer.

  We are China Refrigerator Manufacturer.In order to satisfy the demands from different customers, we make constant efforts to expand our product category, also improve the products constantly.We provide excellent services with the most competitive price to the world.