The concept of environmental protection has gradually taken root in the hearts of the people and the awareness of environmental protection has been continuously strengthened. For some traditional Lumberjack Log Splitter and equipment and enterprises that do not produce green products seriously, woodworking machinery will be gradually eliminated in the competition in the future. The development of environmental protection woodcutters and wood splitting machines has entered a new era, and cnsuperpower has continuously developed new products into a new era.

Entering the 21st world industrial era, the world has seen a wave of green. The voice of environmental protection is called the focus of attention all over the world, and it is changing our enterprises. The traditional manufacturing mode has been forcefully reformed. Green environmental protection manufacturing technology has been promoted, and related green materials, green energy, green design databases, knowledge bases and other basic technologies have been developed. The development of enterprises needs to produce new scientific and technological products that are conducive to the environment and improve resource efficiency.

The development of woodworking machinery takes a long time. The green manufacturing industry involves many factors such as product quality, service life and so on, as well as the production and operation mode of enterprises. Therefore, green environmental protection is a complex system engineering problem.  However, there is still a need to implement green manufacturing truly and effectively. Relevant issues in green manufacturing must be considered and studied from the perspective of system and integration.

Since the establishment of cnsuperpower Plant, the research on integration technologies such as design, transformation, process, material selection, integration, integration of user requirements and product use, integration of problem areas in green manufacturing, information integration in green manufacturing system, and process integration in green manufacturing will become important research contents in green manufacturing.

Cnsuperpower has a professional scientific research department, focusing on environmental protection development, high-efficiency equipment research and development, and application of new equipment technologies. over the years, cnsuper power has achieved excellent results and promoted the manufacturing technology of Gasoline Log Splitter and green integrated manufacturing system.  With cnsuperpowe's rapid progress towards the modern machinery industry, cnsuperpowe has become a brand symbol in the industry.  Cnsuperpowe puts forward higher and higher requirements for processing and assembly technology in the process of production and maintenance.  Among them, the research and development of parts cleaning equipment are generally paid attention to and are developing towards popularization and diversification.  Therefore, environmental protection and energy saving sawdust machine is the development direction of woodworking machinery in the future