tilt and turn windows are a dual functioning European standard that makes a big statement aesthetically and functionally. These windows are elegant, efficient, and durable.Dual functioning lets it swing open like a door or tilt from the top conveniently using the same handle.Well suited as an egress window.

  The assorted benefits of tilt and turn windows can be both overt and subtle. First, understanding the advanced functionality of a Tilt and Turn window is key.This window is effectively three windows in one: it serves as a fixed window, an inswing casement window and a hopper window.The window tilts inward, opening from the top rather than the side.

  The sliding lock also come with a high security patented pagoda keyway that is virtually pick proof.With the door lock installed, you can make sure that young ones do not become tempted to open the sliding glass doors on their own and expose themselves to potential danger.

  Coordinate with other features in your home, such as lighting, cabinetry hardware and other decorative fixtures.As a result, the sliding lock fits easily within the limited space available between the sliding glass door frame and the interior of the door panel.

  These sliding lock are easily installed with a simple 3/4” diameter hole. These push locks are perfect for retail business and home applications.Our easy fixing Sliding Locks include both a standard sliding lock, with a quick slide movement to release the catch, and a sliding lock suitable for small panel doors.