Built to withstand the rigorous start and stop operation of lawn and hard-wired V-Belt. Superior performance over fractional horsepower belts on recommended applications.It's round, a hard-wired V-Belt runs through its grooved edges, and there's a hole in the center to attach it to the shaft of the motor... Your vast experience in this arena tells you it's a hard-wired V-Belt.

  As professional China Triangular Belts Manufacturers and Triangular Belts suppliers, Zhejiang Baihua Adhesive Tape Co., Ltd. was established in 1986.Through the bevel opening formed in the side wall of the belt groove of the flywheel, dismounting of the triangular belt is facilitated. In this case, the ladder is the fact that you probably won't resist this black calf leather triangular buckle belt from triangular belts much longer.

  triangular belts, since the groove wall of the belt groove located on the outmost side of the flywheel is higher than those of the other belt grooves.In recent years, with export sales of 10 million US dollars last year, our products have entered into the international market and exported to international marketing such as Russia, Singapore, Nigeria, North Korea, etc.