Initial cost high: The purchase cost of wpc foam board is higher as compared to the other materials used for the same purpose, eg: treated wood. But it saves later maintenance cost, and saves money in the long-term run.

Appearance: It lacks the natural wooden texture. As technology continues to improve, there are many realistic imitation wood grain effects in the market.

Heavier than wood: compared with wood materials, same size solid WPC is much heavier. And, hollow composite is more welcome.
Chemical Properties: The wood component within WPC does impact some positive attributes compared to plastic, the inherent problems with wood (moisture sorption and susceptibility to mold and decay) remain. So the second Co-extrusion WPC(also called capped) emerged, compared with the traditional WPC, the Co-extrusion WPC is better at mold and mildew, less water-absorption & less rotten etc.

4x8 pvc foam board is also one of our product, welcome to see and purchase!