Rubber curing oven are used for a variety of applications involving coatings, adhesives, rubber and thermoset plastics and composites.Rubber curing oven are commonly used to engineer raw materials such as synthetic adhesives, thermoset polymers, and rubber.

  rubber curing oven are designed to provide tight temperature tolerance and precise control for repeatable results and uniform airflow that ensure proper curing across an entire load.If your process requires a custom solution, we can work with you to create a configuration that suits your specific needs.

  Salt bath curing line is a liquid curing method , a common continuous vulcanization method. The entire production line includes the vulcanizing conveyor, cooling and washing unit, traction, cutting and winding device.Automatic brine circulation system avoids environmental pollution caused by waste water.

  salt bath curing line is a widely used liquid curing method to harden rubber. Once lengths of rubber are forced through a die into a desired shape, the product needs to be hardened and cured.Its prominent feature is that the waste salt produced after the initial purification of the adhesive strip is very low.