The processing flow of the parts is stipulated by the process flow, while the specific processing contents are guided and controlled by the process procedures.

Process specification is a technically feasible and economically reasonable optimal process scheme selected by process technicians after careful comprehensive analysis and comparison among several possible process schemes drawn up according to the requirements of product drawings, the characteristics of the workpiece, production batch, and the existing equipment and production capacity of the enterprise. It is a technical document guiding the production process of parts.  In the technical document, the blank used for the part, its processing method and specific processing size are specified.  The nature, quantity, sequence and quality requirements of each process;  Type and specification of equipment used in each process;  The form of processing tools (such as accessories, tools, molds, etc.) used in each process;  Quality requirements and inspection methods and requirements for each process.

Processing Technology of Metal Sheet Parts

There are different displays of process specifications in specific applications.  Generally speaking, for a large and complicated sheet metal structure, sheet metal workers often need to complete it with the cooperation of welders, riggers and other professional types of work. For Sheet Metal Parts, the processing technology directly completed by pressure processing is often called stamping technology.  The welding process is often referred to as the welding process for component assembly, while the assembly process is directly referred to as the assembly process when it consists of both mechanical processing and welding, riveting and other processing processes.  One of the more common forms is the process card.  The specific format of the company is different, but the content is roughly the same.  It mainly includes the name and model of the product, the name of the part, the brand, specification and number of parts of the material, the sequence number, name and content of the process, and the process equipment used to complete each process.

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