rubber hot air oven are electrical devices which use dry heat to sterilize.It is an oven with an arrangement to hang the dumbbell shaped sample inside the oven with a set of weights which can be hanged at one end of the sample.An air circulating fan helps in uniform distribution of the heat.

  Rubber hot air ovens are fitted with the adjustable wire mesh plated trays or aluminium trays and may have an on/off rocker switch, as well as indicators and controls for temperature and holding time. The capacities of these ovens vary.

  Rubber extruders are heavy-duty machines built to suit individual needs.The rubber extrusion process begins with a rubber compound being fed into an rubber extruder.Rubber is a naturally occurring elastomer, cultivated from the Pará Rubber Tree.

  rubber extruder are made in many different type and sizes to meet the production requirements for straining, extruding, tubing, slab production or contoured shapes.Rubber extruders have a varied field of application.