(1) Drawing the copper-clad aluminum wire core for 4 to 6 times;

(2) Painting the wire core

(3) Putting the painted wire core into an annealing furnace for annealing

(4) Putting the annealed wire core into an oven for drying

(5) Take-up, the speed of which is (5+-1) m/min;

(6) Lower plate and packaging.

The processing technology of ECCA Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) is that copper and aluminum are metallurgically combined to obtain ECCA wire with a certain diameter and required electrical properties, and then the finished product is endowed with required mechanical properties by a heat treatment method, thus providing a material which can replace pure copper enameled wires for large transformers. The replacement of pure copper enameled wires by ECCA wire not only greatly reduces the size of copper resources, saves production cost and has stable performance.

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