As a new generation of high-grade indoor and outdoor decorative materials, Aluminum Composite Panel(ALUBANG) has attracted more and more attention.

Aluminum composite panel is composed of aluminum and plastic PE. The safety weight of aluminum is divided into 45% for external wall and 50% for the internal wall. According to the price of aluminum and PE, the proportion is higher, accounting for about 75%. Therefore, aluminum is one of the most important materials for aluminum composite panels. Its quality directly affects the service life of the entire product quality curtain wall of aluminum composite panels.

The aluminum composite panel is based on the stress characteristics of the panel in use and draws lessons from the principle of I-steel structural symmetry, that is, when subjected to bending force, only the material at the edge part receives most of the stress, while the core material in the middle does not bear the stress but only plays a connecting role. Therefore, the choice of surface aluminum material has great influence on the quality of aluminum composite panel. The national standard GB/T17748-1999 stipulates that the aluminum used for exterior walls should be antirust aluminum that meets the requirements of GB/T13880, i.e. 3003 aluminum alloy coiled material is selected for exterior walls. Generally, 1100 pure aluminum coiled materials are used for internal walls.

The material selection performance of exterior wall mainly depends on the shear strength and fatigue strength, because the fastening bolt and aluminum composite panel form a shear force. The bending place is tested for fatigue strength due to wind load. Another reason is that the bottom surface of the most aluminum composite panel is not treated with anti-corrosive coating. Therefore, 3003 and 5005 antirust aluminum are generally selected to ensure the service life of the entire aluminum composite panel.

When selecting aluminum composite panel, the dimensional tolerance, mechanical properties, panel shape, surface quality (including surface cleanliness), bird's nest, etc. need to be emphatically tested.

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