As an environment-friendly and economical product, Stainless Steel Composite Panel(ALUBANG) can reduce the consumption of precious metals while greatly reducing the project cost, realizing the perfect combination of low cost and high performance and bringing good social benefits.

The new technology of vacuum rolling of stainless steel composite panel in pressure vessels has now become mature. In the past, explosive stainless steel composite panel was mostly used in domestic pressure vessels. The stainless steel composite panel for vacuum rolling pressure vessels have not been applied in pressure vessels since they have not been trial-produced in batches and reviewed by experts in China. At present, vacuum rolling stainless steel composite panel is being tried out in the pressure vessel industry.

Vacuum rolling of stainless steel composite panel has four advantages: first, technological advantage. The whole process adopts mechanical automatic flow process, which can realize mass production. The second is the performance advantage. The hardware of the production line is controlled by the information process, and the software is controlled according to the quality management system. The product performance is stable. Third, the specification advantage. In the rolling process, flexible and changeable medium plate stretching rolling process can be adopted, which breaks through the limitation of raw material size. Fourth, price advantage. Mass production reduces various expenses of equal sharing, and the price can be reduced by 20%~70% compared with stainless steel of the same specification.

Stainless steel composite panel is a kind of metal composite material with pure stainless steel on the outer layer and carbon steel on the inner layer. This kind of metal composite material composed of pure stainless steel and carbon steel is a stainless steel composite panel. The appearance of stainless steel composite panel provides a material guarantee for the manufacture, upgrading and reconstruction of cooking equipment. Using stainless steel composite panel instead of original pure stainless steel plate can reduce equipment cost.

The stainless steel composite panel retains the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, magnetic resistance and beautiful appearance of pure stainless steel. The stainless steel composite panel has good heat conductivity and corrosion resistance and can be widely used in cooking equipment. If used in ammonia distillation tower, the service life of the ammonia distillation tower can be prolonged and the operation cost can be reduced. On the other hand, due to its corrosion resistance, it can also be applied to ammonia distillation equipment.

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