Cheap Bakelite Parts seem to be ubiquitous today and are improving every day. In addition to almost every surface of the car's interior, due to its light weight, durability, and even under the hood (such as in intake manifolds, etc.), plastics and composites (plastic means plastic) For body panels. Even newsworthy.
After perfecting the process, Baekeland named his new organization the General Bakelite Company in 1910. As the first commercially available synthetic plastic, low-cost bakelite changed many industries as it quickly became the material of choice for many consumer and industrial applications. Depending on the filling material, bakelite can be molded into many different colors, although not as successful as later plastics.

In the automotive industry, Bakelite soon found its way not only across the entire dashboard and control surfaces, but also under the hood. Distributor covers and rotors are some of the most famous bakelite products with plastic lining

Heat resistant and non-conductive, it is very suitable for ignition under the hood. The Bakelite company has also established a subsidiary overseas with London-based Bakelite Limited, which has established a factory in the UK's own car city, Birmingham.

In the first half of the 20th century, bakelite penetrated into modern life, not only into cars, but also into consumer products such as radios, telephones, pipe rods, jewelry, buttons, and even washing machine impellers. When Time magazine chose Baekeland as its cover story in 1924, it called Bakelite "a thousand-use material", an expression that was later used in their marketing.