With the improvement of agricultural science and technology, more and more people prefer to use farm tools and garden tools to improve productivity, such as Vegetable Planter and.

Today, I'd like to talk to you about some problems that should be paid attention to when choosing vegetable planters. Vegetable planters are also called seedling planters, second planters, seedling transplanters, seedling transplanters and transplanters. They are suitable for planting eggplant, pepper, strawberry, tobacco seedlings, watermelon, melon, lettuce, corn, medicinal materials and zucchini. One vegetable planter is equivalent to the efficiency of 5-6 people.

However, the quality and workmanship of vegetable growing machines in the domestic market are also uneven at present. Most manufacturers even use iron pipes to produce vegetable growing machines and pretend to be stainless steel vegetable growing machines in order to save production costs. This is precisely because they have taken a fancy to everyone's greed for cheap prices. However, many customers have been cheated. When purchasing vegetable growing machines, many customers bought iron vegetable growing machines online. It is necessary to remind everyone to pay attention here:

  1. The material must be stainless steel, including handles and other accessories, because the iron vegetable growing machine will rust after two months of use.
    2. The wall thickness of the vegetable growing machine should be over 1.2mm, because some manufacturers make it very thin to save costs and easily crush it.
    3. The vegetable growing machine works well, and the vegetable growing machine that does not work well is very difficult to use.
    4. Size of vegetable planters. Our company's vegetable planters are 92CM* in height * 7.6CM in diameter. Many vegetable planters on the market are 75CM* in height * 6CM in diameter
    Note: Because many customers responded last year, the double-handle and foot-operated vegetable growing machine is not practical, nor is it easy to use with a single handle, so this year the single handle is produced uniformly. If there is a need for double-handle customers, they can make it to order with minimum order quantity of 50 sets.