High Performance V-Belt look like relatively benign and simple pieces of equipment.High Performance V-Belt feature a high modulous tension cord for a 50% increase in power capacity and no re-tensioning maintenance.Cross-section profiles have led to an often confusing array of High Performance V-Belt that are highly application specific and deliver vastly different levels of performance.

  Consistent further development of the production process, improved materials, low stretch polyester cords and optimised moulded cogs are the basis for this new High Performance V-Belt.While simple in concept, Fenner Drives' composite High Performance V-Belt deliver outstanding performance, solving many of the field problems traditionally associated with conventional rubber V-belts.

  High strength V-Belt are power transmission drive belts with a triangular or trapezoidal cross section.High strength V-Belt are often used with mating belts for efficient, very high speed power transmission.Made by joining two or more single V-Belts with a permanent, high strength tie band.

  They consist of several High strength V-Belt joined together by a permanent, high strength tie band offering a tougher more stable solution compared to a single belt.Our High strength V-Belt are designed using a combination of molded glass reinforced nylon with a machined aluminum hub.