In Germany, pvc board production and consumption are by an average of 1.4 million tons. PVC cabinet board is being produced and applied at the growth rate of 4% in worldwide. In recent years, pvc foam board growth in Southeast Asia is particularly significant and this thanks to the urgent infrastructure needs on several occasions in the Southeast Asian countries.

In the materials of three-dimensional film, PVC board is the most suitable material. Specific gravity: 1.38 g / cc, mold shrinkage 0.6-1.5%, molding temperature :160-190 ℃.

PVC sheet molding characteristics:
1. It is easy to be decomposed, at temperatures of 200 degrees, it is easier decomposed when contacting with steel and copper and the corrosion irritant gases will escape. The range of forming temperature is small.
2. When using screw injection machine nozzle, the aperture should be large to prevent stagnation dead material. If there is any inserts, it should be preheated.
3. The moisture absorption of no amorphous material is small with poor mobility and in order to improve mobility, and prevent the occurrence of bubbles, the plastic can be pre-dried. Die casting system should be chunky, gate section should be large, without a corner. The mold should be cooled, and chrome should be plated.
4. Because of its features of corrosivity and mobility, it is best to take the use of special equipment and tooling. Different types and quantities of additives can be added to all products according to your needs.

The full name of <a href="">PVC trim board</a> is Polyvinylchlorid, and the main ingredient is PVC with bright color, corrosion-resistant, durable, and due to some toxic auxiliary materials, such as plasticizer and anti-aging agent are added in the process of manufacturing to enhance its heat resistance, toughness , scalability, etc., so the products are generally not used to store food and medicine.

PVC board is well-loved by the world, which is quite popular and also widely used as a synthetic material. Its global use volume ranks the second in a variety of synthetic materials. According to statistics, only the one year in 2012, the production capacity of PVC board in Europe reached five million tons, while its consumption was 5.3 million tons.

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