In the process of Sheet Metal Parts processing, there will be some common doubts such as accelerated tool wear, poor machining appearance integrity, and difficulties in chip removal, which seriously affect the processing quality, production cycle and processing cost of precision parts with such data.  According to the theories of metal skills, metal cutting and metal plate parts processing principles, the difficulties in the above material processing are analyzed, and a set of effective stainless steel data drilling, reaming and boring skills are explored.  China's machinery manufacturing industry is constrained by skills and talents. It is difficult to compete with large companies in Europe and the United States in terms of skill innovation and product research and development.  However, with the influx of foreign capital and the intensification of work competitions, domestic machinery parts processing has increased its investment in independent development and has achieved endless results, especially in the aspect of digital display skills and digital display of hardware measuring products.  For example, the 2-meter cnc gear measuring instrument successfully developed in China has become a precision measuring instrument with great competitive strength in the world.  Other external forces have also provided excellent technical assistance to domestic machinery processing companies. First, most domestic metal plate parts processing companies have introduced many foreign brands of precision machinery processing equipment.  There is no lack of equipment imported from Japan and Germany in this center.  With the help of external forces, the precision and color of the products processed from metal plate parts are also greatly improved.

The machining of metal plate parts requires super-lubricated machined surface and high machining accuracy. This requires that the cutting tool has a high standard life. Whether the cutting tool is worn or not will be based on whether the quality of machined surface reduces super-tolerance.  The standard life of diamond tools is very high, and the tool wear is also very slow when cutting at high speed.  Therefore, in ultra-precision cutting, the cutting speed is not limited by the tool life, which is different from the general cutting rules.

The cutting speed selected for the metal plate part processing practice is often selected according to the dynamic characteristics of the ultra-precision machine tool and the dynamic characteristics of the cutting system, i.e. the rotating speed with the smallest vibration.  Due to the minimum surface roughness and the highest machining quality at this rotational speed.  Obtaining high-quality non-standard machined surface is the primary question for metal plate parts processing.  Ultra-precision machine tools with good application quality, especially good dynamic characteristics and small vibration can use high cutting speed and advance processing power.

The selection of processing parameters for metal plate parts mainly includes the selection of cutting tool viewpoint, cutting speed, cutting depth and feed speed, etc.  From past experience, we know that when processing plastic data, it is useful to select a tool with a large rake angle to restrain the formation of chip accretion. This is the basis for reducing cutting force, cutting deformation, contact length between the tool and chip, and reducing the formation of chip accretion when the rake angle of the tool increases.

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