The rubber extruder machine solves the most critical issues manufacturers face to deliver tough, sticky rubber bales to their compounding extrusion equipment.I would like you to remember that very few manufacturers world-wide can guarantee you a well-designed and precisely manufactured rubber extruder machine.

  Rubber extruder machines have a varied field of application. So, when you come across a rubber profile.Rubber extruder machine offering you a complete choice of products which include hot feed rubber extruders and nitra hard rubber extruder machines.

  We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of epdm extruder.The maximum output of the epdm extruder depends on the type (hardness) of the extruded mixture.Our team can manufacture extrusions to bespoke designs, making it easier for you to create a noise and vibration resistant seal for your project.

  The profile has high tensile strength with optimum elasticity so that it can be molded for various applications according to client’s needs. Also, the epdm extruder is highly durable and offer trouble-free performance.Our epdm extruder can be manufactured in a range of shore hardness and in different colours including the usual black.