Bridge cutting machine is a highly automatic stone machine well built to perform various tasks in marble and granite cutting. The bridge cutting machine body is inner lined with putty and surface well painted to protect from rusting.Bridge cutting machine blade rise/fall movement is powered by two hydraulic cylinders and guided by two sliding plates.

  Our bridge cutting machine and numerical control bridge cutting machine are both available in distinct models, which are used to process stone of different sizes.The bridge cutting machine worktable is able to up turning 0~85 degree for easy slab loading/unloading and rotate 90 degree for easy cutting of all four sides of a slab.

  Stone cutting machine classify products are mainly used to cut small specification stone slab materials, such as marble, granite. We are a professional stone cutting machine supplier. We have stone cutting machines for sale.The cutting angle can be adjustable, such as stone cross cutting machine, the cutting head can do vertical and horizontal cutting.

  The development of stone cutting machine has included the creation of designs incorporating maximum rationalization of operations, improvement of cutting tools.Natural deposits of granite, marble, slate and other stones have served a wide range of applications, from practical to artistic.