The manufacture of Automobile Press Parts is a forming process method in which external forces are applied to plates, strips, tubes, and profiles through stamping machines and dies to produce plastic deformation or separation to obtain workpieces with the desired shape and shape (punched parts ).  

1. The design of stamping parts must be conducive to improving the utilization of metal materials, reducing the variety and specifications of materials, and reducing the consumption of materials as much as possible. If possible, use low-cost materials to make parts as wasteless and wasteless as possible.

The designed stamping parts should be as conducive to processing as possible using existing equipment, process equipment and processes, and to extend the service life of the stamping die.

The shape of Chinese mechanical parts must be simple and reasonable in structure to simplify the structure of the mold and the number of processing procedures, that is, to complete the processing of the entire part with very few and simple stamping procedures, to reduce the processing by other methods, and to promote stamping operations, Promote the organization and realization of mechanized and automated production, and increase labor productivity.