A tilt and turn window can both tilt inwards at the top, like a hopper window, or open inwards from hinges at the side.One handle controls both operations. The tilt and turn is ideal for providing fresh air or access in cases where an egress option is needed.

  Tilt and turn windows are more than just the latest home design trend.Tilt and turn windows are known for their simplicity and practicality. It seems a little obvious as the former has a more sophisticated design and technology than the latter.The tilt and turn function is much more than an operating type.

  The sliding lock is mounted to a plate or table surface. A steel bar travels through the lock and can be locked in place with a quarter turn of the knob.Our easy fixing sliding locks include both a standard sliding lock.Our high quality, stainless steel instrumentation line offers a variety of handle and insert styles for grasping.The steel bar is locked in place when the knob is in the ON position.