The heat transfer film label can be used for packaging food, beverage and other consumer goods. Every business hopes that their products can be distinguished by consumers on a wide variety of shelves. This demand has stimulated the rapid development of the heat transfer film label market. People who buy coffee cream, flavoured milk and yogurt are familiar with the heat transfer film label, which covers almost the entire outer surface of the packaging bottle. Heat transfer film labels are widely used in all kinds of product decoration, such as juice, pet food, bottled water, drugs, cosmetics, lawn care products and auto parts.

The latest research shows that the global market for heat transfer film labels is growing at an average annual rate of 10%-15%. Behind the strong demand are many advantages of heat transfer film labels. The heat transfer film label adds the advantages of conspicuousness, improved quality and 360 decoration to blow-molded plastic bottles or containers. The heat transfer film label can be tightly attached to any irregularly shaped bottle body, especially when the attachment is expanded to the bottle neck, bottle cap or bottle cap, the label can obviously change the characteristics of the container. In addition, if UV absorber is added to the formula of heat transfer film label, the shelf life of packaged articles can be extended.

The heat transfer film label market is facing competition from older paper labels, heat transfer decoration and in-mold labeling technologies. It is reported that the material cost of heat transfer film labels is at least twice that of traditional methods. However, at the same time, many packaging manufacturers of consumer goods also said that the advantages of heat transfer film labels will exceed their exorbitant expenditure costs.

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