Rubber curing oven is achieved by heating the natural rubber or rubber polymer at very high temperature along with sulfur or any other agent.This process results in changing the cross-linking bonds within the natural rubber and making bonds more strong and non-sticky.

  rubber curing oven is a process consisting of a mixture of rubber and a curing ingredient, often sulfur, which is then heated under pressure.This process makes the rubber more elastic, more durable, and more resistant to extremes in temperature.Rubber curing oven is known for its smooth operation, excellent functionality and low power consumption.

  Salt bath curing line is a widely used liquid curing method to harden rubber.At the end of the curing salt bath pot, the molten salt runs back into the supply salt bath via an outlet.Continuous curing only could be achieved by using the firm's microwave and salt bath curing line.

  In this central supply salt bath there is a desludging area with a strain­er screen through which the salt flows back into the pot.Salt is a great choice for curing due to its relatively short-length curing units.Once lengths of rubber are forced through a die into a desired shape, the product needs to be hardened and salt bath curing line.