Hunters are generally regarded as the easiest class to level, and do it very well. Between pets that can effectively tank and hold aggro, and the amount of damage you can unleash from a distance while kiting enemies expertly, you'll be able to take down orange-tier enemies easily with some practice.

You only need to be standing still for a brief moment to shoot, then you can move until you're ready to shoot again. If you have the timing down you can kill almost every mob from 1-10 without taking damage even though you have no pet.

Your pet will eat a ton of food at first, but if you keep it happy (you should) for a while it will eat much less food once it has some loyalty levels. You might want to buy a couple stacks or so of its food when you have a new pet.

If you want the best pet for leveling, I'd recommend a boar at 10. They eat literally everything, are tanky, and have a mobility ability. Each pet type has its own pros and cons, so feel free to experiment.

A fast attacking pet will cause ridiculous spell interruption on spellcaster players, so it's usually the way to go in pvp. There are unique beasts with high attack speeds (like Lupos) and also broad types of creatures which tend to attack fast (e.g. vultures).

Almost every class can defeat Hunters in PvP by getting in the range where you're too close to shoot and too far to melee (your "dead zone"). Luckily you have the tools to mostly dictate the range of a fight. That is the key to hunter PvP.

Aspect of the cheetah is very important for leveling (and pvp, and many other things) but slows you if you get hit. Get used to quickly switching off of it, especially if an attack is about to hit you. Consider using macros or addons to make the switch much easier.

Classic WoW Mage Tips

Mages have a specialized playstyle to level very quickly by grinding using AOE spells like Arcane Explosion.

Conjure Food and Conjure Water ensure that although Mages often have to sit to eat and drink, they'll always have a steady supply of good consumables without spending coin.

You should keep a Rank 1 Frostbolt on your action bars. This functions as a very fast-casting, cheap, slowing spell which has no cooldown. It is useful in PVE and invaluable in PVP.

Make sure to use your wand to finish off opponents. This will begin your mana regeneration earlier than if you used a spell like Fire Blast to finish them off.

In PVP, Frost Mages will do well to root people with Frost Nova or other immobilizing Frost abilities, then take advantage of Shatter talent to get a critical hit. Use a powerful spell on an opponent when they are frozen - often this means using Fire Blast fairly quickly before the ice melts.

Classic WoW Paladin Tips

Paladins have an easier time leveling than some classes due to their hybrid nature, but many find their lack of combat abilities a bit boring to level. Consider finding a friend who will appreciate your healing and utility, and make things faster and more fun.

You have a huge wealth of powerful defensive abilities should you find yourself in a bad situation. Never underestimate the power of the Divine Shield, and the patented "Bubble Hearth" when ambushed by enemy players.

If you want to tank dungeons, be aware you have no taunt. Your group will have to let you generate some threat before going crazy.

When finishing a mob off, it might be better to auto attack it for a little bit longer than to use judgement and apply a new seal. Mana management is important for Paladins.

If you can choose a place to level that has undead, you will find some of their abilities deal extra damage to the undead. For this reason, seek out quests in the Plaguelands when you get to a high enough level

Paladins are one of two classes that get their own mount as part of an extensive class quest at level 40. While challenging, it also means you won't have to spend massive amounts of hard earned gold!

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