The original Paint Pail Mould alignment and lock system is a round one.We can make any size and any type of paint pail mould.The beryllium copper on the core top and cavity neck lead to a very good cooling for the mould.Also which change would prelong the paint pail mould life.

  Provide the engineering group with full specifications, do not leave anything out.While we design an octagon step to have a better alignment and lock for the core and cavity.Meanwhile, we also offer paint pail mould.

  And our latest deisgn for the core and cavity would prelong the mold life.From 5L, 10L, 20L pail mould and other paint buckets, we have successfully delivered hundreds of high-speed injection molding machines.20L Pail Mould may be operated in less than ideal conditions.

  1L , 2L ,4L ,5L up to 10L, 15L,20L Pail Mould.After continuous innovation and improvement, our 20L pail mould.Although the criteria and the technology used to produce paint bucket Mold have changed dramatically in recent years.