As an air treatment system, central air conditioning is playing an increasingly important role in people's lives. However, various components of central air conditioning are often exposed to air. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the normal use of central air conditioning. Therefore, it is necessary to clean central air conditioning in time. Do you know which aspects should be paid attention to when cleaning fan coil units?

Fan coil cleaning, central air conditioning and central air conditioning fin cleaning new fan cleaning: central air conditioning fan coil, long-term indoor air circulation, resulting in dust, soot, bacteria, etc. in the air. Gathered in fan coil aluminum fins and impellers. The accumulation and blockage of dirt such as fibers leads to the decrease of air volume of fan coil units, which seriously affects the heat exchange and cooling efficiency of central air conditioning. It is dark and humid, and is a breeding ground for bacteria. It also has mildew and Legionella air pollution harmful to human health.

The central air conditioning fan coil cleaning adopts special aluminum fin fan coil cleaner, which does not contain the main components of acid, alkali, salt, corrosion inhibitor, sludge remover, etc. It is mainly used to clean the surface of aluminum fin of cooler for table dirt, grease, dust, oxide and impurities.

Special high-efficiency cleaning agent for fan coil fin of air conditioner: after cleaning the bright surface of aluminum fin of cooler on the table, thoroughly degrease and remove dust; Fast speed: fan coil cleaning time is short; Safety: low corrosion to equipment, non-toxic, tasteless, flammable and explosive; Practical: Fan coil fin cleaner is soluble and permeable and easy to operate.

The central air conditioner fin cleaning agent is used for fast foaming and infiltration function, and dust and dirt are removed from the small gap between fin coolers; The special fan coil fin cleaning agent on the aluminum flake cooler will not cause corrosion damage.

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