The textile industry will introduce some new fabrics with technological changes. Soft And Colorful Plush Fabric For Cloth is quite different from ordinary fabrics in terms of manufacturing technology, so they also have many characteristics and advantages. Because it is soft and comfortable, it is often used to make carpets. It is these advantages that make soft and colorful plush fabric for cloth popular.

Soft and colorful plush fabric for cloth is a new type of environmental protection material, usually exported wool cloth. Raw silk has a fine fineness and a small bending modulus, so soft and fine fabrics are used. This product is an environment-friendly and healthy functional home textile product with ultra-fine velvet feeling, comfortable and warm, and has a good regulating effect.

Soft and colorful plush fabric for cloth has rich suede appearance, soft hand feeling, air permeability, good moisture absorption and heat dissipation (with good heat preservation), not easy to fall off, feels smooth, has a very good cleaning effect, and makes people feel comfortable and warm.

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