The Seed Planteris a kind of planting machine that uses the sowing system to plant the massive seeds orderly underground.  The seed planter can plant root crops such as seeds and can be used together with small tractors. It integrates ditching, fertilizing, sowing and covering soil, and can complete fertilizing and sowing operations at one time.

The seed planting machine can be matched with a 15-35 horsepower four-wheel tractor, and has the characteristics of compact structure, good mobility, reasonable layout, stable work, strong adaptability, simple maintenance and the like, and can adjust depth, row spacing and row spacing according to agronomic planting requirements in different regions.  It integrates sowing and fertilizing.  In areas where ridging is required, ridging can be carried out according to the needs of farmers. Groups of combinations can be made according to the power of tractors.  The production efficiency is 5-8 mu per hour, and the ditching, fertilizing, sowing and covering operations can be completed at one time.