Imagine if you haven't used a water purifier yet, then the pollutants in the Water Filter Cartridges are that you are filtering with your own kidney. The kidney is like the body's "water purifier". Water enters the body first into the stomach, then into the intestinal tract, then into the liver through intestinal absorption, and then into the blood circulation after detoxification by the liver. When the content of impurities in the water we drink is too high, the kidney bears a very heavy filtering burden. Once impurities cannot be filtered effectively, they will slowly and slowly accumulate in our body. When one of the following occurs, your water filter cartridges should be replaced.

1. When the flow rate at the water outlet of the water purifier becomes very small and cannot meet the daily usage, it means that the water filter cartridges is blocked and it is time to clean the water filter cartridges. After that, the normal flow rate is still not restored. Therefore, for the sake of health, your water filter cartridge should be replaced.

2. When the taste of the water is similar to that of tap water, the chlorine taste still remains in the water, obviously, it is time to change the water filter cartridges. The water purification capacity is consumed. We all know that the activated carbon in the water purifier has strong adsorption capacity and water purification function. It is also important to note that the activated carbon itself is easy to breed bacteria. When the adsorption is saturated, the water purifier will easily become a "sewage device".

3. When your water purifier has been in use for two years and the water filter cartridges have not been replaced, it means that your water filter cartridges should also be replaced. The water purifier is not used once and for all. Only by changing the "core" carefully can the safety and health of drinking water be guaranteed.

If it were not for the water filter cartridges, these pollutants would accumulate in our bodies. In today's increasingly serious water pollution situation, facing tap water filled with silt, rust and chlorine, if there is no water filter tube to stop us, it would be sad. Therefore, not only water purification equipment should be used, but also water filter cartridges should be replaced regularly to better protect our health.

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